Australia’s Clinical Research Advantage

The premier choice for cutting edge clinical trials

Why Australia is the preferred destination for trials

Cost Advantage

  • AU is c.60% cheaper for early-stage clinical trials than the US, after tax incentives
  • Government offers 43.5% R&D tax credit compared to c.31% in Canada/UK and 7% in US

Globally recognised data

  • Clinical data compliant with highest international standards — accepted by US FDA/EMEA
  • Positive IP environment — broad patentable subject matter, extended patent terms + 5 years data exclusivity

Streamlined regulatory pathway

  • AU Clinical Trial Notification Scheme is global best practice in reducing regulatory requirements and trial lengths
  • Trial approval times in AU 5, can be ~3 months vs. 56 months in US

World class people and facilities

  • Highly regarded medical research and healthcare system and infrastructure led by some of the world’s leading scientists and physicians
  • World class equipment for testing/treatment/analysis

Seasonal advantage

  • Northern hemisphere sponsors can conduct trials year-round by taking advantage of Australia’s counter flu and allergy seasons

Ethnically diverse population

  • AU demographics are diverse, accessible and aligned to major European and US markets
  • Large population born overseas — capability to run trials as on non-Caucasian ethnicities

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